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InstantAtlas Case Studies

NintiOne Altas

Creating a global atlas for rheumatic heart disease data in an easily accessible format using graphs, maps and tables
NintiOne Altas
How a national not-for-profit company in Australia is using data mapping software to improve community development in remote regions

Bowel Cancer Australia

How mapping risk factors for Australia's second biggest cancer killer is helping to raise awareness and encourage local communities to take preventative action.

Auckland University Atlas

Mapping health inequalities in cardiovascular disease using mapping software at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland

CPHROnline Banner

How interactive mapping software is being used to present health related data and information online in New Zealand

HQSC Banner

How interactive mapping software is being used by New Zealand's Health Quality "&" Safety Commission

VicHealth Banner

Helping local governments in Victoria identify priority areas for health intervention using online data visualisation

List of InstantAtlas Clients

For clients and case studies outside of the Australasian region, visit the InstantAtlas website